Why Trains and Trolleys Are A Horrible Idea

“There is an old saw that 40 years of transportation research at Harvard can be summarised by four words: bus good, train bad,”as Ed Glaeser, the recent author of Triumph of the City, summed the issue up. Athens urbanophiles should … Continue reading

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Athens-Clarke County Pensions

Public workers and State Pensions have been all in the news lately – especially in Wisconsin. The basic issue is that back in the boom days, politicians voted to give various state workers either a more generous pension, or an … Continue reading

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SPLOST Priorities

As the ABH reported last week, the Mayor and Commission is working on prioritizing SPLOST 2011 projects. This is an issue that will have long-term consequences – consequences that Athens will not wake up to until the project is approved … Continue reading

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Brain Train Boondoggle and More TSPLOST

Ok, so ‘boondoggle’ is¬†sensationalist, and I know that a lot of very smart people have studied it. However, I have always thought that the ‘Brain Train’ was at best a very expensive distraction that’s pushed because trains are a bit … Continue reading

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T-SPLOST is coming!

This Wednesday March 2 from 7-9pm there will be an opening meeting on projects for the new T-SPLOST referendum in 2012. The T-SPLOST will be the classic political conundrum for the Athens area in 2012. Just like Atlanta, almost all … Continue reading

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Strength of Athenian Diversity

Allow me a a bit civic boosterism here… A provocative article in New Geography entitled, ‘The White City,’ considers this point about cities – Among the media, academia and within planning circles, there‚Äôs a generally standing answer to the question … Continue reading

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A Few Scattered Thoughts

So here’s an interesting opinion piece about the ‘failure’ of consolidation. A really good illustration that, even 20 years on, the city/county divide is as strong as ever – and some core issues need to be sorted out instead of … Continue reading

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