Athens Census Data Visualized

The New York Times has taken 4 years of the American Community Survey (part of the Census) and turned it into a beautiful, usable, and illustrative visualization app.

It takes detailed data about race, ethnicity, education, income, housing, and much else and turns it into an interactive app that allows anyone to see it broken down in your community – such as Athens.

I’ve been playing with it for an hour now, and the insights leap out in ways that numbers and anecdotes just cannot provide. Most people know how self-segregated Athens is, but it’s amazing to see the sharp contrast between, say, Hancock and Five Points.

There’s much to be gleaned politically, culturally, and socially – within Athens, and Athens compared to other cities. This is from the old ‘long-form Census’ – the data from the ‘short-form Census’ will be available in February. Play around with it and contribute your insights. Here’s the link again.

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