A Few Scattered Thoughts

So here’s an interesting opinion piece about the ‘failure’ of consolidation. A really good illustration that, even 20 years on, the city/county divide is as strong as ever – and some core issues need to be sorted out instead of muddled through (especially the sewer plan)

Garland: Athens-Clarke charter is a broken promise || OnlineAthens.com

I think the Commission has done a wonderful job picking an architect for the Classic Center. The architect, Paul van Slyke, may hail from a huge international design firm, but he’s a graduate of Georgia Tech, and a member of the Congress for the New Urbanism. In other words, he knows (about) Athens – and he’s a leading thinker in all the walkability/urban fabric ideas that Kevan Williams espouses in Flagpole. In addition, he’s going to give the city a few ideas about integrating the Classic Center into a River District. It all goes to show that a bit of voicing, and a bit of compromise can still keep things on track, and hopefully he won’t disappoint.

Speaking of good improvements, this article in the ABH, tells about the ACC Public Works installing a new signal technology for the traffic lights on College Station Rd. This is the type of improvement that is so welcome, needed, and efficient. As seen already in Atlanta with increasing traffic and no space or money for roads, we are going to have to focus on demand management, flow technologies, and transportation choices for the future infrastructure, and College Station can be a great showcase with timers, bikes, sidewalks, greenways, and mass transit. Also, it is one of the few corridors in Athens that it under complete control of ACC – so many of our roads are DOT control, and are not good candidates for local experimentation.

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